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Bike Bags & Shoulder Satchels

Brompton bags are an easy and practical way to carry your essentials. Simply attach the bag to the front of your Brompton bike and ride off, avoiding pressure on your back. A wide selection of colours, sizes and materials will help you to find the perfect bag for your needs.

Brompton Bags

Brompton’s unique luggage fitting system allows a simple and convenient way to carry all your essentials safely, reducing pressure on your back.

The bags come in a range of colours, sizes and materials meaning the perfect option will be out there.

Brompton Bags fitting system image
Brompton Bags fitting system
All Brompton bags include a frame that easily attaches to the Front Carrier Block. Carrying bags on the front of your Brompton is easy and minimises any effect on bike handling. No pressure or weight on the body and no more sweaty back in the summer.