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Brompton for Business

Introducing bespoke Brompton Lockers and Bikes.

Brompton folding bike

Encourage Cycling

Have you ever thought about how your employees  travel to and from work? More than ever, it’s important provide your office with healthy, sustainable and flexible travelling options. Encouraging your employees to incorporate walking or cycling into their commute can lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Brompton for Business
Available Options

Brompton for Business can provide a wide range of options to support your organisation, from bespoke branded bikes to locker solutions, you can even custom design one of our 8 bay docks. Why not have your brand advertised as your teams cycle to and from work, cycle across town to business meetings or pop out for a spin during your lunch break.

Bike Hire for Business
Bike Hire Network

You can also benefit from access to the UKs largest Bike Hire network. Brompton launched Brompton Bike Hire in 2011, allowing more people to experience our iconic folding bike. Brompton Bike Hire currently operate a national network of over 50 docking stations in 25 UK towns and cities, with a fleet of 1200 Brompton bikes.

Bike Hire for Business

Get your employees more active today

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