“A Life Changing Purchase” | Brompton Electric Owners

Image of Adeet D., Brompton Electric Owner, with a Brompton bike and image of New York map


"I can say that it’s been a life changing purchase.”  Adeet D., New York City

There’s something about a Brompton that changes people. Whether it brings them peace or brings them closer to the people and city they love, we couldn’t be more proud to hear these stories from owners or to share them with you.  We caught up with Adeet on a chilly February afternoon in Manhattan to hear more about how he uses his Brompton. His excitement is contagious! Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with photos provided by Adeet (Follow @adeet77 on Instagram)


Image of Adeet D., Brompton Electric Owner, with a Brompton bike overlayed on image of New York map


Brompton: When did you purchase your Brompton Electric and why?

Adeet: I fell in love with cycling in 2020 and was looking to get my own bike after riding around on Citibikes for months and months. I accidentally discovered the Brompton shop while I was looking for a helmet and fell in love with the fold, the design, and how enthusiastic Ingrid [former Sales Associate/Mechanic at Brompton Junction] was about her bike. I made an appointment to test drive a regular bike and then came back and tested an electric version. After a few pedals, when that motor kicked in, I KNEW I had to have one. I can say that it's been a life changing purchase.

Do you have favorite rides from 2021? Where did you go?

I love riding my Brompton Electric and almost all of my rides are memorable in one way or another. I love riding up and down the Hudson River Greenway as the sun is setting. It's just such a beautiful experience - the wind in your hair, the music in your ears, and the rush you feel when the motor kicks in and you’re cruising along the water. I also love my two bridges route.


Brompton Electric bike against a wall overlayed with New York City map

The Two Bridges Route is awesome because it has a variety of terrain, scenery, and the fact that you ride through 3 boroughs. There are a lot of great places (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) that you can pop in and out of easily with your Brompton. If you start and finish in Midtown, it's an easy 20 mile route which will have you crossing over two bridges and if you're lucky, racing the Roosevelt Island Tram.


Brompton Electric bike part folded in front of a field on a trip to  Illinois

I understand you travel often with your Brompton Electric? What is one place you’ve traveled?

Yes! Last July I brought it with me to Illinois in a B&W travel case and shipped the battery via UPS. I was riding through a rural (but paved) area on what I thought was a perfectly fine day. I was on mile 20 and was 5 miles from my final destination. Without warning the skies darkened and I could feel and smell the rain that was about to come. Sure enough, several moments later, the skies opened up and it started pouring. The water felt so good as I pushed by bike through it, flanked by corn and wheat fields on both sides. I remember entering into an almost trance-like state with the rain on my face, the music in my ears, and my Brompton Electric seamlessly propelling me forward.

Why do you enjoy riding your bike?

Riding is great exercise, gets me out of the house, gets those endorphins flowing and allows me to explore the city in ways I couldn't before. Most importantly, in these uncertain and anxious years, it brings me so much peace.

Adeet under George Washington bridge with his Brompton Electric

What would you say to someone who has never tried an electric bike before (Brompton or otherwise)?

I've been responsible for 2-3 people purchasing Brompton Electrics because I can’t seem to shut up about how much I love mine. That being said, I would and DO tell people to go into the shop and take it for a ride, it’s really quite extraordinary.

What’s one place you’ve always dreamed of riding, but haven’t yet done?

The P’tit train du Nord

👏Thank you Adeet! 👏

Here are links to Adeet’s favorite rides from 2021, shared in the images above:

Has your Brompton changed your life? Do you have favorite routes or rides to share? We would love to hear from you. Click here to share your experience and we’ll reach out to learn more!

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