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We are now pleased to offer free home delivery of Brompton Electric within the M25.

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Change the Way You Experience Your City

The Brompton Electric is the apex of folding bicycles (e-bikes). It is geared for all riders and is designed for comfort, with an intelligent pedal assist. Whether it's assisting you in soaring up steep hills or easing those longer commutes to and from work - reaching speeds of up to 15.5 Mph.


The Brompton Electric folds up to a third of its size — a bit larger than its wheels – without sacrificing our iconic fold.


A lightweight 2-speed Brompton Electric in Black or Turkish Green starts at £2,875. Live in a town full of hill climbing? For £145, you may upgrade to a 6-speed gear. Bolt Blue Lacquer is £195 for a super-premium finish.


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Brompton Bicycle MY21, Model Year 21

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Pedals know when to assist you - so you'll never break a sweat riding into the wind, going uphill or flying between meetings.

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Take your Brompton Electric on trains, planes and taxis. You always have more options. Then unfold and explore.

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The battery separates with one click from the bike, so you can carry it everywhere and charge it anywhere.

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Thanks to the compact fold, the chance of theft is dramatically reduced as you can take your bike everywhere with you.

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Go everywhere fast. Maintain 15mph with ease and fly through the city. The 25 mile range* gives you incredible freedom.

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The Brompton Electric folds to a compact 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm so you can charge it safe inside your home or workplace.

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Why Buy an Ebike?


Whether it's replacing a portion of a long commute or embarking on an exciting adventure, an electric bike (ebike) provides a boost when you need it.


According to studies, ebike riders ride more frequently and over longer distances than their non-powered counterparts.


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Brompton Electric

Brompton Electric Just Got Smarter


The all-new Brompton Electric iOS app is here. 

Discover how you can track your mileage, speed, trip time and battery capacity all in one useful dashboard to use both on and off your bike.

Available to download on the Apple App Store for all Brompton Electric customers with the latest firmware installed.


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Test ride Brompton Electric

Visit one of our selected dealers to experience the benefits of a Brompton Electric first hand. Most stores also allow extended test rides.


Brompton Electric folding bike

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Brompton Electric folds into a compact package that can be safely stored inside your home or workplace. A smart electric-powered folding bike that you can transport anywhere, at any time. The Brompton Electric is an e-bike that can accompany you wherever, from public transportation to the back of a car. Accepted on trains, trams, and metros, a foldable e-bike is a convenient way to travel especially for commuting. The 2.9kg lithium ion battery detaches from the lightweight electric bike (13.7kg) with a single click, making it easy to transport, even up stairs.

Designed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering, this folding pedal assist bike with an electric motor satisfies the unique needs of a Brompton. Smart sensor technology enables several support modes, allowing the bike to know when to aid you.

Ride over steep hills, into the wind, and fly between meetings, always arriving fresh. Its riding position and agility are superior to that of conventional bicycles. Smaller wheels offer faster acceleration out of red lights and more mobility across crowded roads.

*dependant on user and conditions