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Upgrade your electric bike with accessories

brompton electric


Take your Brompton Electric to the next level with our popular accessories range. Our intuitive, user-focused products are designed with you in mind and built by expert craftsmen to improve your experience on the road. Explore the City Bag and Fast Charger below: 

City Bag

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Fast Charger

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The City Bag

The City Bag is a spacious and practical accessory for your Brompton Electric. Ideal for days when you just need to carry more - this bag has 20L storage capacity and contains a suspended laptop holder alongside 3 easy access pockets. 

The battery is integrated into the bag to reduce the weight of the bike. This makes it easier to carry. The bag also has a padded shoulder strap for comfort and ease when wearing. 

Charge on the go with access to the battery charging port, which allows you to charge your battery inside the bag. 

The City Bag is constructed from a durable, hard-wearing Cordura fabric and has a padded, quick-release shoulder strap that tucks away in a dedicated side pocket while you’re riding. There’s even an integrated high-visibility rain cover with a wraparound reflective band, perfect for unexpected showers. 

city bag

City Bag Specifications

20L storage capacity

High-vis and reflective rain cover

Shoulder strap and soft padding

Stretch side pockets

Front pocket for easy access

2 zipped back pockets 

Large inside compartment

Laptop sleeve

Side pockets 

Small cable hole for battery access

Fast Charger

The 4A Fast Charger is specifically made to get your Brompton Electric back on the road in approximately 2 hours. In fact, it charges from 0%-80% in 1 hour 45, and from 0%-100% in 2 hours 30. This is half the time, when compared to the Standard 2A Charger, which takes around 4-5 hours. 

Take your Brompton Electric on a longer journey and double your range by charging half an hour in the morning, an hour over lunch and half an hour in the afternoon. 

The set is super easy to use and includes the charger with the appropriate main adaptor for plugs. 


Fast Charger Specifications

4A charger set

Recharge time (approx.): 2 hours - 105 min. for 80% (from 0%). 150 min. for 100% (from 0%).

Input voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

Charging current: 4,0 A

Charge indication: 1 x LED green, 1 x LED red

Adaptor for UK plug (3 pin)

Dimensions: 206 x 94 x 61 mm

Weight: 770 g

Compatibility: All Brompton Electric Bikes