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We have recently launched Brompton Electric in the UK (excluding Northern Ireland) and we are planning to launch in selected international cities soon. If you are not in the UK but wish to know more about the product and when it will be available near you, please sign up to our mailing list below.


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The Brompton Electric is designed to change cities; it has smart features, a sleek design and is simple to use. The bike has 4 modes, ranging from no assistance (the bike rides smoothly without the battery) through to a high level of assistance, perfect if you want to arrive fresh to a meeting or are climbing a large hill. The key features and full specification details are in the table below, which lays out all the technical information about the bike. 

Key Features

  • Custom-developed 250W front hub motor giving an extremely high performance-to-weight output.
  • Bike still folds to the same size as a non-electric Brompton.
  • To aid portability, the battery can be carried separately, integrating neatly into a shoulder bag.
  • Battery features intuitive user interface and USB charging port for mobile devices 
  • All Brompton Electric bikes come with the standard battery bag (1.5L), however, there is an additional option to buy a commuter bag (20L), which can store your larger items, e.g. a laptop
  • Smooth ride thanks to the smart, integrated torque and cadence sensor 

Current Specifications

Bike Information
Wheel size 16"x1-3/8" (349ETRTO)
Folded dimensions 585mm high x 565mm long x 270mm wide (23" x 22.2" x 10.6") with standard seat post
Handlebar type M type (1015mm high) or H type (1072mm high)
Rear frame L version (with mudguards)
Colours Gloss black or Gloss white
Gears 2-speed or 6-speed
Seat posts
  • Standard - adequate for an inside leg measurement up to 33"
  • Extended - 60mm / 2.5" longer than the standard option
  • Telescopic - designed for an inside leg greater than 35"
Weight bike without battery
  • 2-speed: 13.7kg
  • 6-speed: 14.5kg
Weight battery + small bag 2.9kg
Lights F: 30 Lux Busch & Müller AVY R: Spanninga solo XE
Max. load 110kg (incl. luggage & battery)
Brakes Dual pivot brakes
Small bag (included) 1.5 litres
Large bag (optional accessory) 20 litres
Standard charger (included) 2A charger (Approx. 4 hours to full charge)
Fast charger (optional accessory) 4A charger (Approx. 2 hours to full charge)
Voltage 36V
Energy 300Wh
USB port to charge portable devices 5V 1.5A
Integrated user interface LED display
Weight 2.2kg
Assistance modes 4 (0-1-2-3)
Sensors Bottom bracket torque, cadence sensor
Type Geared brushless DC front motor
Nominal output power 250W
Cut off speed 15.5mph / 25kmh
Freewheel Very low resistance when riding without assistance
Warranty on electrical parts 2 years
Certifications EN15194
Battery: UN38.3, EN62133
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