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Brompton Community
Posted on 02 July 2015

#bromptonfold Instagram Challenge

#bromptonfold Instagram Challenge 

The Brompton World Championship Final is under 1 month away and most will be in full training for the big day in London. At every BWC event there is the infamous fastest fold competition, where everyone can race against the clock to be crowned the Brompton Fastest Fold Champion!

In preparation for the fastest fold competition at this years BWC Final we challenge you to show us your fastest fold. This is all you have to do: 

- Stand ready with your Brompton unfolded 

- Ask a friend or family to film you on your phone and time you with a stopwatch/phone

- Fold your bike as quickly as possible (Pedal has to be folded, seat secured and bike lifted to prove the fold is completed properly!)

- Post the video to Instagram with your fold time and the hash tag #bromptonfold

For some inspiration watch a member of the Brompton team attempt his fastest fold at the BWC Final in 2011:

Share your Brompton with the community on Instagram: #mybrompton