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Posted on 20 August 2015

Brompton Urban Challenge: NYC

More than 65 cyclists participated in the inaugural Brompton Urban Challenge NYC this past weekend, as Bromptoneers from near and far took part in the event. The day started off at Rough Trade and its Brompton Cafe, with Bromptoneers arriving eager and ready to explore New York City. By the time Rough Trade opened its doors at 10am, Brompton enthusiasts had already been buzzing about for nearly an hour.

Despite a robust August heat, the #BUCNYC participants enthusiastically took to the streets to tackle a myriad assortment of challenges and clues. Wheeling between checkpoints hosted by NYCeWheels, Redbeard Bikes, and Bicycle Habitat, cyclists explored New York City with smiles on their faces.

"Brompton owners are creative and fun people," said NYCeWheels manager Peter Yuskauskas. "They love to engage in friendly competitions like this. It was great to see so much humor and silliness."

Redbeard Bikes owner Kasia Nikhamina agrees. "We had so much fun seeing people pop into our shop on their Bromptons throughout the day. We definitely want to be involved again next year."

After spending the day cycling all across the city - from Soho to Central Park to Dumbo and back to Williamsburg - Bromptoneers returned to Rough Trade for refreshments and a final head-to-head folding competition before the day's prizes were awarded. A dozen daring souls lined up to participate in the competition on Rough Trade's music stage to the cheers of cyclists and bystanders alike. Ultimately, Brompton rider Christian Arya Winata, who traveled all the way from Maryland for the BUC, proved too much to handle for the rest of the competitors, impressing everyone with his well-choreographed folding capabilities.

After the folding competition, prizes were awarded to teams for their overall creativity, enthusiasm, and photography skills. Visit our Facebook page to see more photos from the day, or search #BUCNYC on Instagram and Twitter.

Bromptoneers managed to capture some of the most colorful parts of New York City, including its vibrant street art scene.

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