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BWC through the years posters
Posted on 21 July 2015

BWC through the years

The Brompton World Championship – Year-by-year

It's officially race season. Show us your interpretation of Brompton and racing on Instagram, and you could win a pair of Schwalbe Kojak tyres, a firm suspension block and some special BWC goodies. Make sure you use the #MyBrompton and #MadeForRacing tags. For a bit of inspiration, here’s our rundown of the thrills and spills of the BWC Final through the years:



The 2009 Brompton World Championship (BWC) saw the return of the vast majority of competitors from the first ever British BWC the year before, as well as a large number of newcomers to the competition to make 661 racers in total. The beautiful backdrop of Blenheim Palace created a dramatic stage for what was to be a very dramatic race, with only 33 seconds between the junior and the female winners, and only a few minutes between all winners. It really was a very close one!

Congratulations to the victors:

-        Male winner Robert Heras (21:45’)

-        Female winner Julia Shaw (24:22’)

-        Veteran male winner Gary Higton (25:46’)

-        Veteran female winner Sarah Wookey (32:27’)

-        Junior winner Brock Duncomb Rogers (24:53’)

-        Team winner Brompton 1

-        Veteran team winner Norfolk Enchants



A representation of all that is British seemed to be the focus of the 2010 Brompton World Championship (BWC), from men sporting very well groomed and moustaches to the extremely fitting downpour that ensued. William Butler-Adams (CEO) even commented on the resilience to the rain that the attendees had, “as you can see, the Brompton user doesn’t care! Rain or shine, here they are in their hundreds!” Similar to the upwards trend from the year before a total number of 750 racers turned up, with Sarah Wookey and Brock Duncomb Rogers winning the veteran female and junior categories for the second year running!


Congratulations to the victors:

-        Male winner Philip Liam Curran (22:52’)

-        Female winner Rachel Elliott (25:27’)

-        Veteran male winner Richard Trim (32:19’)

-        Veteran female winner Sarah Wookey (31:27’)

-        Junior winner Brock Duncomb Rogers (25:09’)

-        Team winner Cap Problema 1



The addition of an exciting James Bond-esque launch video really riled up the Bromptoneers (Brompton bike owners) for what promised to be a special Brompton World Championship (BWC). The 2011 BWC turned out to be a truly gruelling race under the very best of British weather, which provided what seemed like 25-30 degree heat and had people collapsing on the cool grass at the finish line. Again keeping with the ever-growing trend, an astounding 798 people entered the race with slight changes to the format. The addition of the ‘Brompton Sprint’ had people very enthusiastic, as did an impressive run from veteran male winner Anthony Rogers who nearly caught the junior winner

Congratulations to the victors:

-        Male winner Michael Hutchinson (21:15’)

-        Female winner Rachel Elliott (23:35’)

-        Veteran male winner Stuart Yates (23:58’)

-        Veteran female winner  Caroline Powell (27:33’)        

-        Junior winner Jake Norman (24:22)

-        Team winner Brompton Factory

-        Veteran team winner Abromination




Similar to 2011, the 2012 Brompton World Championship (BWC) turned out to be another brilliant display of British weather. One returning racer commented, “I thought it was a bit geeky last year when I first turned up… then you realise everyone is the same and it’s brilliant!” This is exactly the reaction Brompton is trying to receive, a quirky, “off-piste” (William Butler-Adams) kind of race in which everyone has fun. A total of 862 participated and there was a slightly different format, with the adding of the ‘Brompton Treble’ as well as the ‘Brompton Sprint’. The defending champion, Michael Hutchinson, once again saw off the opposition and beat his own time from last year with a record breaking 20:17. Michael’s record is still held today!

Congratulations to the victors:

-        Male winner: Michael Hutchinson (20:17′)

-        Female winner: Julia Shaw (23:39′)

-        Veteran male winner: Hubert Kivit (22:12′)

-        Veteran female winner: Pauline Warner (26:04′)

-        Junior winner: Jake Norman (22:59′)

-        Team winner: Brompton Factory 1


Brompton Sprint

-        Male winner: Yu-Shing Tang

-        Female winner: Susan Todzy


Brompton Treble

-        Male winner: Richard Spencer

-        Female winner: Susan Todzy




2013 was a very different year for the Brompton World Championship, with the event heading to the Goodwood Motor Circuit for that professional touch. A large turnout of just fewer than 550 people competed (numbers were restricted by the space) and all thoroughly enjoyed their time, with slightly more competitiveness due to the prestige of the circuit under their tyres. Michael Hutchinson once again vanquished his competitors but with a slightly more relaxed time than previously - he must have been giving the others a chance!


Congratulations to the victors:

Brompton World Championship

-        Male winner: Michael Hutchinson (23:44′)

-        Female winner: Isabel Hastie (25:24′)

-        Veteran male winner: Anthony Rogers (25:17′)

-        Veteran female winner: Caroline Powell (30.02′)

-        Junior winner: Jake Norman (25:33′)

-        Team winner: BBIKE

Brompton Sprint

-        Male winner: Joe Achilles

-        Female winner: Susan Todzy

Brompton Eliminator

-        Male winner: Chan Yong Cho

-        Female winner: Susan Todzy

Brompton Treble

-        Male winner: Gavin Morton & Antonius Wubben

-        Female winner: Susan Todzy


Who will take the crown in 2015?