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30 April 2016

BWC - Spain, Portugal & Andorra

Barcelona, Spain

Saturday at 10:00 am
This event has already passed
Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain
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It was a very exciting day, for the first time the BWC was held outside the city centre at the F1-circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya. The weather seemed to be a problem on Saturday morning but it stopped raining just before the start of the race and about 200 participants set off for 3 rounds of 4,7km.

Seven riders reached the finish line and sprinted for the first position.


1 QUERPACHE SARRIA, Sergio                                  0:24:55,16         34,15 km/h
2 MOSCAT MONZÓN, José Luis                                  0:24:56,36         34,13 km/h
3 ROSSI, Alessandro                                                 0:24:56,45         34,13 km/h

Mireia Soler was the clear winner in the women's race whilst Paqui Aragon claimed 2nd and the 2014 winner, Valeria Lopes dos Santos came 3rd.


1 SOLER COZAR, MIREIA                                           0:29:48,69         28,55 km/h
2 ARAGON PEREZ, Paqui                                             0:30:29,63         27,91 km/h
3 LOPES DOS SANTOS, Valeria                                    0:30:36,87         27,81 km/h

1st PRIZE TEAM:  Joseph Kuosac Brompton Team

BEST DRESSED: Adriana Acosta and Mario Roldán.


Just after the BWC 2016 another race started at 12am, the Madform 24hours race with for the first time in history two teams on Brompton. Team B set a 24h world record on a Brompton: 680km and 4th position in the classification for teams of four. The other team won the first prize for mixed teams with 646 km and became leader in Spain.

Team A: Marc Beltran, Mònica Oliver, Rafa Garcia and Koos Kroon and Team B: Carlos Gaspar, David Cuadrado, Viçens Font and Dani Vaqué.