CHPT3 Edition

CHPT3 Edition bike design showcases David Millar’s unique style and offers features including tan-walled Kojak tyres, ergon grips and a custom designed brooks saddle.

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Brompton X CHPT3


High-performance specification with some unique features

Premium Red Ergon handlebar grips

Red Ergon GA2 grips usually used in mountain biking, look spectacular with the Brompton CHPT3 Edition. The ergonomic shape fits the contours of the hand and significantly reduce arm pump on long trails.

Brompton CHPT3 folding bike

Exclusive colours and titanium parts

The frame of the bike sports the CHPT3 colours, fire red and grey exclusive to CHPT3 Edition bike. The front fork and rear frame of the bike are both titanium and painted black to match the sleek style of the bike. The titanium parts make the bike lighter and more durable.

Brompton CHPT3 folding bike

Tan Wall Schwalbe Kojak tyres

Although this fast, sporty, tread-less slick weighs just 224g (32-349) it still has a RaceGuard protection belt, a folding bead and that awesome Tan wall profile.


Brompton CHPT3 folding bike

Brook Red Cambium C17 Saddle

This is not your usual leather Brooks Saddle, this one is made from vulcanised rubber with a canvas surface and hollow steel rails.

This is the only Brooks Red C17 in the world made especially for Brompton CHPT3 Edition. 

Brompton CHPT3 folding bike

What makes CHPT3 Edition special?

David Millar talks about the key features of the Brompton CHPT3 Edition and why certain parts were used. Key features of the CHPT3 Edition.

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